My Arsenal

Hey everyone. Meet my cooking buddy!

Today I started the process of getting my kitchen ready for cooking. Amy was both startled and horrified to see me messing around in her personal jungle gym.



The majority of the cooking I’m going to do will come from this book:

The lemur is there to intimidate me into cooking.

I read through some of it last night, I’ve already learned that there are five varieties of beans I had no idea existed. FIVE.

She also gives a very helpful step by step breakdown of the process (with pictures!) that I will try to replicate.

And then…..there’s my kitchen.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my kitchen. We have heart plates and a hot guy collage hanging on our fridge. But it’s small. I can put my hands and feet on opposite counters and do a plank. Not that I’ve tried.

I’m also convinced that my electric burner is tilted. What do you think?

This may make things difficult, but we’ll figure it out.


When my mom found out I was getting my own apartment, she packed up a huge box of kitchen supplies and stashed it in my car. I’m not saying that it stayed there for a few months, but I’m also not prepared to say it didn’t….

In any event, I unpacked it the other day. I’m going to guess that I’m the only college senior who owns two zesters (because one just isn’t enough, you know?). I also have a garlic press, which I have no idea how to work. The three of us have all tried to open it. No idea. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

And then there’s this:

I’m pretty sure that even the manufacturer doesn’t know what this is. In the upper left corner they just labeled it “kitchen utensil.” Caitlyn has officially labeled it, “the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen.”

So far we’ve come up with the theories: hula skirt on a stick, a baby octopus, or a synthetic broom for a house elf. If you’d like to submit one, put it in the comments!

So far we’ve been using it play with the kitten. I’ll let you know if I actually figure out what it is.

That’s it for today. My next update will be about real honest to god grocery shopping.




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  1. Jack replied:

    I thought I knew a guy that fixed your electric oven and made it not tilt…

  2. kcrownover replied:

    If by electric oven you mean stove, you would be right. But it still tilts. So go figure.

  3. Jen replied:

    It’s a silicone basting brush! You can use it to brush oil or marinade onto meat and vegetables. Cat toy is a great option, though šŸ™‚

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