Please Pardon Our Dust

My dear readers, I haven’t forgotten about you. This blog (and my life) are in the midst of a major overhaul. Some differences you can expect to see when we’re back up and running are:

1. A new kitchen.

2. A sock monkey.

3. A new name.

4. Fish. 

5. A bigger cat.

Please bear with me as I attempt to cram my life into 20 or so odd boxes, so that I can move three miles down the street.

The kitchen is worth it.


Happy Monday!

P.S. Which name do you like more; Little Kitchen Big World, or Home Plate?


June 11, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Jack replied:

    You should call your new blog Autobot.

    • Jane Litchfield replied:

      I think you should stick with Cookingcrownunder!!

  2. Denise Williams replied:

    I like Cooking Crownunder too, but between the other two I like Little Kitchen Big World the most. You looked beautiful today and I thank you for being my daughter’s wise friend and biggest fan.
    Love you!

    • kcrownover replied:

      She’s the greatest friend, and we keep each other afloat. Thanks for being such a stalwart reader = ).

  3. Jodi Campion replied:

    Well I am definetly late but I am a HOmeplate fan of the two but love the original name ……love you Jodi

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